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FI, EE, BY CH Snoopy Face Annapolis REK1, KVK1 "Anna"

Reg.no FIN45709/06

female, born: 11.9.2006

Breeder: Hanna Sairanen

Owner: Anne korhonen

Height: ~62cm

Weight: 33kg


Anna came in August 2011 as I need pair to Talut. She is so sweet temperament that we decided to keep her.
Anna ran two season in Marko's team in 2010-2011 and made races: Polarhundprov D-test 101km at Särna (Sweden), East Point Open 86km at Jongunjoki and Polardistance 160km at Särna (Sweden). Anna's best weight pulling result is 14,48 x own weight.




Hips: A
Eyes: OK (2007, 2009, 2011)
Elbows: OK
polyneuropathy test: normal
Coat Length: N/F (carrier)
Thyroid: normal OK