I have performed approvingly Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's Basic and follow-up courses and also breeding advisor's basic course. I'm Alaskan malamute's Weight Pulling judge and officer and competent Dog Show ring secretary. I have undersigned Finnish Kennel Club's Breeder commitment.

I am a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Arctic Sleddogs club, Finnish Dogbreeders club and Finnish Federation of Sleddog Sportsmen (VUL). I'm secretary of Sleddogs club and also one of originator members. Early I have been working actively at the Finnish Alaskan Malamute club. Since 2001 I have had different responsibilities like a club president, secretary and breeding committee.

Kennel name Neatut, confirmed by FCI and Finnish Kennel club in 2001, means "I was joking". This name was chosen because you'll need a sense of humor with malamutes. First five litter's under Neatut, kennel Neatut was owned by me and Jouko Mikkonen, but in year 2008 Kennel Neatut was shifted to me.


I met first malamute in year 1997 and first own malamute Pati came to me in 1998. After a year she got company from Tumppu, who came to me as an adult. Little later my sister Mari got her first malamute, Wilma, who has been "aunt's darling" all these years. I have also had few dogs to take care of, Nana and Talik were absolutely the most loved ones. They spent their quarantine time here in Finland, before they could go to their homes to Sweden and Norway.

From our first litter, male Pituk was left home - he conquered my heart in the moment he was born. Tumppu's sire, Tico spent his last years in our kennel and he was truly charming traveler. In summer 2003 came Sikku, Nana's daughter from Norway. In August 2004 Nana came back to Finland and now for the rest of her life - her place was here. In autumn 2006 born our fourth litter and male Mitak moved to live with Mari as her second mal. In spring 2007 was our fifth litter born and Jyry stayed home from that litter.

In the beginning of year 2008 our pack was divided and I gave up of the youngest ones, they stayed with Jokke. Since I got all "pensioners", it was time to have a new puppy. That puppy was Talut. Kennel Neatut's story goes on from this and you can follow our news with these pages...