Born 13.4.2006 Third litter

**Dam is small sized, long body, light eyes and head should be stronger. We wanted a sire for her, which would compensate these things. Sire is normal sized, very good harsh coat quality, dark eyes, good head, strong and sturdy body and back. Dam has strong bones, excellent movements and tail, sire has also good bones and movements. Dam is happy and lively, sire energetic, but in the same time calm.

>> Good size, eyes excellent dark, good bones and body, good coat, excellent tail. Movements long and straight, temperament open and energetic. Scull should be more stronger and muzzle better. Good bie. Not a breeding dog because of eye problems.
"Distichiasis is causing a lot of pain for a dog's eyes and extra lashes should be removed by a veterinary, usually by burning them. This has taught us, that distichiasis is a problem, of which you need to take seriously when making breeding choices."


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narttu / female ( Photo: 2 years)

lonkat / hips: A (exellent)
kyynärpäät / elbows: 0/0
silmät / eyes: HC, PHTVL, Distichiasis (2007)

2 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 3 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 9 x Res-CAC, 1 x Res-CACIB
Official sleddogtest result REK2
Official weight pull result: KVK1
Weight Pulling Competition's record: 18,8 x own weight (611 kg)



Isä /sire:

Fin Mva Mukluk Biwabuk

omistaja / owner: Virpi Kuosmanen ja Tero Lehtinen


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