Born 7.10.2006 Fourth litter

**We were hoping to get strength and steadiness from sire to balance dam's lightness. Dam has good movements, coat, good head and ears, brown eyes. Sire has good movements, strong bones, strong coat, head and good ears. Muzzle should be stronger, brown eyes. Sire has calm and steady temperament to balance dam's very energetic temperament.

>>This boys are many ways different as night and day. Another one is small and compact, other is big and extensive. Another one is very brisk and another calm. Brown eyes, strong legs, good coats and both have good appearance. Well carried tails and good movements.

Litter's Pedigree
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uros / male (photo: 14 months)

lonkat / hips: A (excellent)
kyynärpäät / elbows: 0/0
silmät / eyes: PHTVL/PHPV

Official sleddogtest result REK2
Official weight pull result KVK1

*Only one testicle


uros / male ( Photo: 2 years)

Lonkat / Hips: B/B (Good)
Kyynärät / Elbows: 0/0
Silmät / Eyes: OK (2008)

Photos: Neatut-kennel, Petri Hynynen

Isä /sire:

Neatut Pitiksik

omistaja / owner: Liisa Mäkitalo


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