Born 5.11.2004 Our second litter

**We wanted to try totally different male to dam as first litter. Sire has excellent gait and working motivation, good front and very good harsh coat. He has also wide scull, good ears and excellently easy temperament. We were hoping to get energy and easy characters, better heads and ears, better front than dam and harsher coat. We didn't expect more size and bones. 

>>Both offspring are near ideal size, coat very good, eyes excellent brown. Good sculls, male has a little long and light muzzle, good ears and bites. Their fronts are better than dam's and movements are good. Temperaments friendly "basic malamutes, energetic and happy. Bones could be more stronger, they are slightly light all around. Tail carriage is good but length could be longer.


Litter's pedigree
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2004 - 2012
uros / male (photo: 2 years)

lonkat / hips: A (excellent)
kyynärpäät / elbows: 0/0
silmät / eyes: OK (2006)

1 x CAC, 1 x Res-CAC

Official sleddogtest result REK2
Best weight pull result - 7.00 x own weight


narttu / female ( Photo: 4 years)

lonkat / hips: A (exellent)
kyynärpäät / elbows: 0/0
silmät / eyes: OK (2005)

K-litter's dam, more of Arwenhere


Wido and Arwen January 2007


S Uch Kiwalina's Orion Onak

Owner: Johanna Kaati, kennel SnoCrib, Sweden


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