It has been very interesting to follow Neatut offspring growth, development and life. I'm happy for that it has been possible to meet them regularly. Thank for all owners for a good homes and activity to check their health and hobby with them!

Neatut Kennel's breeders in year 2002-2007 has been Anne Korhonen and Jouko Mikkonen. In year 2008 name Neatut changed ownership to Anne Korhonen alone.

Facts about our litters:

27 of them are over 2 years.

74% of them are eye checked and 59% is x-rayed of hips and elbows.

Official Shows (from Junior-class) has been showed 63% of our offspring. 41% of them has "Excellent".

Some kind of test or race (official or unofficial) has taken part 67% of our offspring which are in participation age.

We have courage our offspring owners to participate to Finnish Gene Examination, where they try to found out genes of inherited illnesses.


20.3.2002 (Terrapin's Talisman Polartrax X Mukluk Nippaitok)



5.11.2004 (Kiwalina's Orion Onak X Mukluk Nippaitok)



13.4.2006 (Mukluk Biwabuk X Keikewabic's Nanabijou)



7.10.2006 (Neatut Pitiksik X Trap Line Falcon Spirit)



16.3.2007 (Nordiclight's Thunder X Neatut Walilertok)



21.1.2012 (Utamuutin Kaertok X Neatut Kiibuyat)



4.10.2013 (Noatak's Icewind Kodiak Du Breeze X Neatut Kiibuyat)



12.6.2014 (Quinault's Quiet Riot X Neatut Nirknark I'Maitsiak)


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