Planning in year 2016:

N Uch PahaSapa-m's IndianaJones WTD X FI CH Neatut Nirknark I'Maitsiak REK1

Puppies born 8th October
3 girls and 5 boys

I'm breeding Alaskan Malamutes for a big love and honoring this fine breed. My first priority is to keep malamutes as an original and working sled dog. That is my responsibility as a breeder.

When I'm planning next breeding, I choose healthy, good tempered and working dogs, which are good examples of the breed by their looks. I plan every litter very careful. My goal is to breed quality litters, of which will become healthy and happy malamutes and are appropriate for any kind of working and as family members.

In Finland Alaskan Malamute's health is quite good. Malamute's PEVISA-restrictions are demanding official hip x-ray result and healthy eyes from both parents. If you fill these requirements, you can register litter to Finnish Kennel Club. Alaskan Malamute Club has even more harder restrictions for a breeding dogs. I think that only if we demand healthy hips (A or B), we can continue breeding healthy malamutes. If dog has a previous offspring, you should have their health results and they should be healthy and quality dogs. Otherwise you should consider using dog twice and choose new mate with strong care. You need also take care of amount of offspring. My wish is, that all dogs that are used in breeding, should have some kind of proof of it's working ability, because Alaskan Malamute is a working breed. Temperament is very important thing when you choose breeding dogs and you should control it with every mating.

Puppies are born and grown inside of the house. I keep dam's well being very good care, during her pregnancy and lactating. Our every dog is vaccinated and dewormed regularly.

I spend lot of time with puppies, that's how they get used to people. I handle them every day. Our friends are also welcomed to see puppies, so they will meet also other people in those weeks, when they are cared by their mom. Because puppies are born inside the house, they get used to normal life noises and routines. Puppies will be weighted and checked every day. They will have only quality food right from the start. I also take good care of mom's feeding, so she can lactate her puppies well and stays in good condition. Our puppies are handed over checked by vet and micro-chipped. Every puppy owner gets written feeding and care instructions. I'm interested their future and want to keep contact their new owners in the future. Guidance and help is offered any time and if some problems occurs, I will help in every way.

I'm searching for homes, where people spend time with dog and does activities with them. It is important, that new puppy owner realizes how important health results are. I also hope, that offspring are also taken to Shows.

I do many kind of activities with my dogs. You can see how they enjoy of working and making things together with their owner. They are always happy, when you take them with you. You'll also get much joy of seeing them so happy and lively. It's happiness to own happy dogs and do some activities with them. In our everyday life they bring us happiness and joy, even when we are just at home. Dogs are with me playing, to be loved. They obviously need people's company, even though they got company from each others also.

Every malamute owner don't use his / hers mal in breeding, and it isn't necessary. But it is important, that we'll get as many health results as possible. It don't be enough, that only breeding dogs are examined. Sibling's and relative's health results gives you more information and knowledge of family tree's possible hiding sicknesses. That's why I hope, that every puppy buyer realizes that and is ready to take responsibility of healthier breed. Looks is also one important thing. Shows are originally arranged for to help breeding. Every dog gets quality judgment and it is also compared to others at the same breed. That's why I hope, that every malamute would go to Show, even few times. It would help breed and breeding. It isn't important to win, but get knowledge of structure and looks. On the other hand, Shows are fun to participate and it can be nice hobby.

If you are interested in our planned breeding, please take contact. I'm happy to tell you more!

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