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29.1.1997 - 16.1.2010

Breeders: Heljä and Martti Mykkänen


Our first days connected us by a tight bond. When I fed you from my hand, so you could come well again and we learnt to trust each other together, so you could face all the scary things. Time, when you taught us, forgot all our mistakes, when we learnt things together. Years, when you reached your full strenght and you were one of the most gorgeous ones. Life, which stayed calm during the golden memories, time when I finally need to keep my promise to you.

It is hard to believe, that memories from yearly years are true... Tumppu was like a captured wild animal, when he circled round and round in his cage. Skinny and fearful, unsure about everything new, but his big heart loved people. It is hard to remember, how the change happened.. When the trust was born and strenght came back and we noticed, that we had amazing and gorgeous male in front of us. True working dog, who still, even truly tired, tried still go on. Tumppu taught many puppies to work and calmed wild one with his stable behaviour.

During these all years and experiences I got to see many times, when Tumppu charmed everyone around him, just like that. He loved all with his big heart, all who deserved it. With his silent way he put himself close by and never got enough cuddling. His inner strength was bigger than anyone and he even got scary people to come to him.

Life line turn to golden years, where he still had lot of joy to play and run free in the forest with his own pack. Until the strenght started to fade away. It was my time to keep my promise to Tumppu, in our first day together; he never needs to suffer anymore and I would be with him till the last second.

Go beyond the Northern Star, tell my greetings to pack waiting there. Big emptiness is left behind, dear memories in our hearts.