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Updates are far behind the real time - new business, new home and life has taken my time lately...

Wonderful news has come during this spring. Most important are health results: Talut was x-rayed and he is healthy boy: Hips B/B and elbows 0/0. Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) was x-rayed again and his hips were B/A now. Also Mörri (Neatut Quin'Zhee) was x-rayed healthy, hips B and elbows 0/0. Thank you all owners for health checks!! Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) has passed A-test in Sweden in March, great!!

Summer is coming and dogs are going to have their summer vacation... Talut is changing his coat and we'll be going to show rings with him later this summer.

I was awarded with Silver Badge of Merit in IKSY's (Iisalmi working- / pet dog association) 40 year gala 15.5.2010. Badge was awarded by Pohjois-Savo Kennel district.


First born Neatut's already 8 years !! Big congratulations to our P-litter on their birthday and big hugs to you all !! So, now you are veterans, right...

16.3. K-litter had their 3 years birthday. Hugs to you all!!

13.-14.3. At the Ruunaa race, Talut was running his last race in Pekka's team this winter. Lenght was 2 x 42 km and he accomplished it well and came to finish in good shape. Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) ran in Jokke's team. Jokke was placed third at Ruunaa and also in Iron Finn Cup. Congratulations! (Cup included three different races and all points were counted together from all those three races)

Talut came back home after the race. Big thank you for Pekka and Marja-Liisa for all your work with Talut this winter! Thank you for giving him a chance to run in your team and participate also to races !

6.3. At Utajärvi Weight pull Test Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) was third, with result 11,25 x own weight and approved KVK1-result. Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) did pull 8,90 x own weight and also approved KVK1-result. Hino did pull 1,65 x own weight, so this time he didn't get approved result of test.

27-28.2. was traditional Alaskan malamute club's winter meeting at Rautavaara. Talut was attending to 2 x 28,8 km race in Pekka's team. There were also many Neatut offspring participating to sledding, ski joring and weight pulling. To longer race (2 x 28,8km) ran Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) in Jokke's team, Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) in Pekka's team and Raid (Neatut Kakrayok) in Harri's team. Poke (Neatut Pokertalik) was attending to shorter 9 km sledding in Sini's team. In ski joring was participating Savu (Neatut Palarpok) and Mitak (Neatut Qixamitautit) with Kaarlo and Anna.

In weight pull competition Yepa did once again great work with Marja-Liisa. She was best female in competition and total competition's second with result 18,80 x own weight Awesome result ! Savu and Virve were fourth in competition, also with great result 17,28 x own weight. Mitak was participating too with result 8,87 x own weight and also Jyry with result 7,92 x own weight. They did show, that in the future they both can be good weight pullers. Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) did pull weight pulling for her very first time and achieved result 6,24 x own weight. Congratulations to Nicki and Marko for winning the competition !!


Weekend's Weight Pull Test at Pihtipudas broke the records with attending dogs and drivers, despite of very wintry weather. Me myself was working as a judge and official in both days. Evening went really nicely at the cabin, with good company... Thanks for everyone!! I also had a chance to meet Timi for the first time - gorgeous, lovely and very promising puppy!

At Sunday best result was pulled by Savu (Neatut Palarpok) with her driver Virve. Result was 10.76 x own weight. Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) pulled result 6,67 x ow, driven by her owner Marja-Liisa. First-timers Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) and Mitak (Neatut Qixamitautit) did also clean performances and got also official results.

Along with own offspring, day's successful results came also from Pati's grandkids Laikku (UtaMuutin O'Mayok) and Romppu (SnowHow Smoky Ronya), by placing Test's second and third. Mari's Wilma (Mukluk Waskuk) pulled Sunday's fourth best result, really nice work from 10 years old "veteran"! Congratulations for everyone for such a great accomplishments !


Talut achieved REK1-result at Kasari Race last weekend, running together with his sister Yona, and they were malamute's second fastest team. Thanks for Pekka and Marja-Liisa for Talut's result!! Looks like those youngsters were recovered well of Jongunverran Race's hard work. Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) ran in Virpi's team and achieved REK3-result.


At Rautavaara Sprint, Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) ran in Jokke's team and they achieved REK2-result, just like week before at Jongunverran Race.

I have been working as an official at Jongunverran and Rautavaara Sprint and there for have been able to follow race atmosphere on-site. Next weekend will be weekend full of Weight Pulling...


30.10.2010 at Ohkola Sprint race Pekka was placed malamutes 6. without Official Test result. Pekka was attending there mostly for experience to juniors Talut and Yona. Team Talut, Yona and Yepa worked well and are ready for their main goals, MD-races. Sini left race unfininshed with her team Poke and Nanu. At the Weight Pulling test at Sisättö at 31.1.2010 Savu (Neatut Palarpok) got KVK1-result with her owner Virve. Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) didn't pass the test this time and first timer Poke (Neatut Pokertalik) wasn't in the same mood with his operator Sini and didn't also get official result.


Added new photos for Talut and Timi.


New co-owned malamute came from USA to Finland! Added more info to Dogs-page.


Sua-Unit Mingo "Tumppu" 29.1.1997 - 16.1.2010

When the world is all white and pure, silent by a million snowflakes... Then it is good time to fall a sleep. To sleep, where we will be always together as friends, side by side. To sleep, where we are young and strong, to sleep where everything is beautiful... We'll wake up from that dream, when we'll meet again, behind the Northern Star, upon the clouds.


Hino (Neatut Kiluagnaq) from K-litter has been x-rayed. His results are: Hips A/A, elbows 0/0 - so he is a healthy boy! Thanks for Hino's owners to taking him to examined.

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