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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 !!
With best wishes, Anne, Pati, Tumppu & Talut


Last weekend was spent at Helsinki, FI Winner -09 and Nordic Winner -09 shows as ring secretary. Talut was attending also to those shows. At Saturday he got JUN VG/2-result. At Sunday malamutes were judged by breeder judge Erna Upmeijer fron Netherlands and Talut's result was great: JUN EXC/1, Best Male3 and Nordic Junior Winner-09 !!! Thanks for Hanna for handling Talut and for Marja-Liisa and Pekka for all!! Talut's sister Yona (Cahppes Miss Qrendi) got JUN EXC/1 and was also NordJW-09, congratulations for Marja-Liisa and Pekka! Great thanks for Anci and Henric, these are so great siblings!!

Thanks also for Jone, for taking care of Pati and Tumppu all weekend!!


Talut is now in southern Finland, training with Marja-Liisa's and Pekka's team. I made decision based by fact that it is best for Talut's development to get him to run in whole malamute team and learn basics now, when he is still young. Talut has been also eye-checked and his eyes were healthy! Besides the training, Talut is also going to shows for a long time, to FI Winner and Nordic Winner shows to Helsinki. Thanks for Marja-Liisa and Pekka for your efforts with Talut!!

I have now happy "oldies" at home - especially Tumppu is enjoying his peace without Talut. They still goes happily for a walks and minus degrees got them more happy...


W-litter is 5-years old today.. Hugs to Arwen and Wido !


Today came results from Dna-test, regarding malamutes coat length gene. Tested mals were Talut, Jyry and Kiibu. All three are normal coated, but carriers of long coat gene.


Pinga (Neatut Kepingayok) from K-litter has been in health examination. Hips B/B and elbows 0/0 - healthy girl! Thanks for Pinga's owners to taking her to examined!


Last weekend there was Off Snow race at Jämi, and there is many good news about there. Talut attended his first race there. He worked at Pekka's team with her sister Yona (Cahppes Miss Qrendi) and Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark). Only 15 months old Talut and Yona ran in lead position and worked really well, so team achieved Official result REK2. What a great start for young dogs! Big thanks for Pekka and Marja-Liisa for Talut's result !!

In 1R-class Marja-Liisa was attending with Hino (Neatut Kiluagnaq). In 2R-class drove Ville fastest malamute's time with Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) and Miki, second was Jokke with Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk). Nice to have so many offspring attending once again !


Updated Talut's, Kiibu's, Pituk's and Jyry's Result-pages, New photos for Kiibu and Talut. Also updated new photos to Talut's, Kiibu's, K-, O- and Q-litter's albums.


Q-litter boys Mitak and Mörri are 3-years old today, Congrats !


We were at ALMA's autumn-meeting and had very nice weekend there, thanks for everybody. Pekka took Talut with his team and boy really enjoy ran with others! New photos coming soon..


Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) got RES-CAC (BF2) from Hyvinkää Show last weekend. It was her 7th RES-CAC. Last "real" CAC can be sometimes hard to get!


Jokke sent couple photos of Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk). These boys are still getting along really well. Pituk is 7½ years and Jyry 2½ years. Added also new photo to both Pituk's and Jyry's own gallery.



Remu (Neatut Kunwaktok) has been eye-checked and he is healthy!


Raid (Neatut Kakrayok) started today her agility-career and placed 2. with pure 0-track. Congrats to Heini and Raid !

Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) got res-CAC and placed 3rd best female at Porvoo show. Congrats to Marja-Liisa, Pekka and Yepa !


Updated new photos to Talut's, Tumppu's and Pati's galleries. Thanks for Jokke for lending his camera to me!


At Mikkeli INT Show 25.7.2009 Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) with results; Working Class EXC/!, Best Female 1, BOB, CAC and CACIB. Congratulations!!


Some sad news too; I got a message of Pilvi (Neatut Piviliktok) and her passing away couple weeks ago. All my sympathies to her owners, we all miss Pilvi very much..

In summer I have been able to meet couple our offspring, of which I have met very rarely. Thanks for Remu's (Neatut Kunwaktok) and Pinga's (Neatut Kepingayok) owners. It's really nice to see our offspring living happy life :-)


Talut 1-year old today !!! Almost can't belive it... It's summer now and we are doing some walking and biking when it's not too hot. Dog's have been in country side some days, thanks for Mari and Kirsi taking good care of them.


At Jämi's off-snow races there have been many Neatut-dogs: Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) and Poke (Neatut Pokertalik) at 1R-class. Savu (Neatut Palarpok) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) at 2R-class. Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) at BM-class.


We were at Ristijärvi Group Show today. Talut was in his second official show and his results were JUN EXC/1, Best Male 1, BOB and his first CAC with good judgement ! There was 8 mals entering and judge was Maret Kärdi from Estonia. Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) was in Working Class, got VG/1 and Sikku (Trap Line Falcon Spirit) got Working Glass VG/2. Thanks for Anne and Sari for a good company!


We had Malamute Specialty at Lahti last weekend. Talut was youngest male in junior class. He got Excellent and placed third. Wilma was in veteran class and got Excellent and placed second.


Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) is this time in news... Last weekend at Lappeenranta INT Show Yepa got RES-CAC, she had her third birthday at 13.4.2009 and finally greatest news are from yesterday; At Outokumpu Show Yepa was BOB and got CAC! Congratulations for all these great news with big hug!


Last weekend in Arvidsjaur in Sweden we got approved Polarhundprov1-results for seven Finnish mals. Pati's son Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) got also Swedish CH-title. In Jokke's team were also Sikku and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk). Jyry has just filled 2 years, so that was really nicely done from a such young dog. I'm also happy with Pati's another grand kid's, Romppu's (SnowHow Smoky Ronya) Polarhundprov1-result! Congratulations to Marko and Anne for Nicki's result and also other team dog's owners: Virve for Romppu's and Wicca's results and Hanna for Antti's result !!! Thanks for great company and trip for Anne, Marko and Jokke !! Marko's time was 5:28:50 and Jokke's 5:38:26.

Thanks also to Jouni for taking care of Tumppu and Talut and to Tiina for exercising them :-)Down below is few photos of Polarhundprov, Jokke's and Marko's start and finish. Updated also K-litter's page (new photo to Remu), added new photo to Mitak and couple new photos to Talut's gallery.


Kiibu participated Finnish Championship race at Raajärvi in Kaarlo's team. Team was placed malamutes 3rd, accomplishing also REK2-result. Thank you Kaarlo for this result!

P-litter filled 7 years at 20.3.09, happy birthday for everone! Hugs and cuddles for all of you!


Happy Birthday for K-litter, 2-years full !! Hugs and cuddles for everyone !

Once again last weekend was many active Neatut-offspring participating for a Tests...

At Saturday at Utajärvi Savu (Neatut Palarpok) and Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) reached KVK1-result in Weight Pulling Test. Both owners stopped pulling with successful performance to spare dogs, so their results were:  Savu 13,5 x own weight (405 kg) and Yepa 8,28 x own weight (265 kg).

In addition of these "own" girls I'm also very happy with Pati's grandkids success in Weight pulling. Females Laikku and Romppu has showed really great potential, so I want to also congratulate their owners and handlers! Laikku's result at Utajärvi was absolutely great: 21,91 x own weight (723 kg)!

Sunday at Kiiminki Aarnivalakiat-race team combinations changed of original... At the sinking trail we did compete still nicely and there was also many offspring participating: 

Savu (Neatut Palarpok) ran in Anne's team, compensating in last minute decicion and got REK2-result. Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) ran in Jokke's team and got REK3-result. Me myself drove team, where was running Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) and Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) and we got REK3-result. Yepa and Jyry worked well together, even thought they were met each other just day before in very short sledding trip and I didn't even drove them then. Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) ran with familiar Nicki in same team, but musher was totally strange to her, but still with Pekka as their musher, they got also REK3-result. Hino (Neatut Kiluagnaq) was having some difficulties in sinking trail, he ran in Marja-Liisa's team with Ira, of which he also pulled with him and that's why they didn't got result.

Talut fills up 9 months today and is now officially in junior-age...


Last weekend was traditional Alma's Winter Meeting with good company. I myself didn't participate any competition, but followed with very great interest my own mals and offspring participating.

In 3 km dog skiing Pati showed, that a veteran can also still be fast and was fourth in class with Jokke. Talut started to his first competition in same class with Teemu and they were 5. in class. Teemu told, that their time would have been much better, unless there would not have been Talut's sister Yona to be passed and Talut's mind went little bit mixed up during that passing... In 1-day race Ville drove 2nd with his tieam Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) and Nicki. Great and thanks for you Ville!"

Many Neatut Offspring was participating in competitions. Savu (Neatut Palarpok) and Virve collected 3 kilometer's dog skiing 3rd place and also 2nd place of Weight Pulling. Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) won Weight Pulling with Marja-Liisa! Yepa participated her first time to weight pulling and pulled with really great style. It will be very interesting to see how she will develop in weight pulling in the future. Yepa also took part to 2-days race with owner Pekka and Hino (Neatut Kiluagnaq). Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) participated also to Weight Pulling and 2-days race with Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) in Jokke's team. Poke (Neatut Pokertalit) ran in Sini's team in 1-day race. Mitak (Neatut Qixamitautit) participated to 3 km dog skiing with Anna. Thanks for all owners and mushers!!

Thanks for everybody for a nice weekend!! Thanks also all members of Alma, who chose me as a Chairman of Alma after a one year absence. Updated season's results for Mitak, Jyry, Pituk and Sikku.

At Weight Pulling Test at Kiuruvesi Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) pulled Official result KVK1, 10.0 x own weight.

At Friday I took my own mals to a working trip, to convay a person to his pension days. Mals worked well and did great job!

Talut started his Show career last Saturday at Tuusniemi Show. He performed delightfully well despite of lack of training and he was BOB-puppy. In his next show he will be attending to Junior-class already.

At Sunday I was handling dogs at Äkry. It was nice to meet many friends and follow the race because there was so many malamute teams participating. Of Neatut offspring were participating Pituk, Jyry, Yepa and Hino again. Hino achieved REK3-result.

I spent last weekend in Rautavaara as a officer at SOC-race. There was participating offspring Pituk, Jyry, Yepa and Hino in 4S-class. Same offspring attended also weekend before last weekend to Ruuhikierros. Thanks again to owners for your activity!

I had Pati and Talut with me, Marja-Liisa took many great photos of them - Thank you Marja-Liisa!

Tumppu was at "day-care" and had enjoyed his being. Thanks Jouni for a good care!

Talut filled 8 months yesterday. We are going to attend his first show in next Saturday.

Last weekend was our offspring participating to sled dog races again. Yepa, Jyry and Pituk got official sled dog result REK2 at Kasarin Salpasäpinät-race and Raid got REK3-result in Ohkolan Talviajot. As a breeder, you can't be more happy about these results. Once again thanks for all owners for your activity!

Added photos to Winter-album and Tumppu's album.

Tumppu is celebrating his 12th birthday and will get his favorite treats and lots of love ♥! Happy birthday also Tumppu's siblings!

Last weekend many of our offspring were participating to Jongunverran Ajot - race. In competition there was Pituk, Jyry, Yepa, Hino, Kiibu and Raid. Kiibu got REK2-result. Thanks all owners for your activity! Photos coming later.

Pati's situation is now under surveillance, because another veterinary's opinion was, that she should not take to a surgery right now. We are following her and we'll see if there is reason to operation later.

K-litter's Kiibu's health results are added to her page - she is healthy girl. Jyry's hips will be x-rayed again later, because FCI deemed, that they can be lose and get firmer when he gets more age.

Winter is most beautiful, but news aren't so happy this time... Jyry's hip results were little bit surprising C, but once again this is proof of that final result can be very different than x-raying veterinary's. More sadder news is, that there has been found some tumors of Pati. She will go to a surgery at Friday and then we'll know better, what is going on. I just hope, that there wouldn't found any too bad and she would recover fast as she has been before...

Happy New Year! Updated new photos to Talut's and K-litter's Jyry's pages and albums. Added new photos also Winter Photo album. Added also new link, Austrian Wolf-kennel.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Kiibu and Jyry from K-litter has been in hips and elbows x-ray. We are waiting results from Finnish Kennel Club.

Wilma had her birthday last week, she is now 9-years old !

Last week there was so beautiful winter weather but now it's again rainy and icy. I hope winter is coming back..

Female, who was looking new home is going for a probation time. Hopefully she gets new home there!

Added new photos to At Home-gallery and Talut's gallery.

Female from P-litter is looking for a new home. She is friendly towards people, almost a lap-dog and buddy for hobbies. Lived in family with children, worked in team in different kind of positions.

Gets along with males, but not with another female and small dogs. I hope, that in new home she is either only dog or with male dog. More info by phone:
-Anne +358 50 3799631

New pages are ready and published - at last... Hope you'll enjoy your visit! In Index-page you'll find Site Map, which can be useful when you are visiting first times. You can also leave a message to us to guestbook.

Added also new photos to dog's galleries.

Congratulations for 4 year birthday to Neatut W-litter!

Pati went to visit Jokke for a few days.

First snow came. During the day's rain, it is also gone, but dogs had time to enjoy it by running freely at the sand pit.

Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) was Best male 4 at Seinäjoki Show. Boy has been developed great and performed nicely despite of lack of practice.

PATI is 10-years old!! Grand lady and her friends got plenty of treats because of sharp years. Pati is still energetic and perky despite of her age.

Mörri (Neatut Quin'Zhee) came to my place, when his owner is on holiday trip at Malta.

Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark), Hino (Neatut Kiluagnaq) and Raid (Neatut Karayok) were attending to Riihimäki Canicross-competition in team-class.

Talut got last puppy-vaccination and weighted 17 kg.

Q-boys has birthday - 2 years!

On vacation in North-Finland. Spend couple wonderful days by hiking and in cottage in Pallas-Ylläsfjell's National park-region at Kesänkijärvi. Pituk was my pack-packing buddy. Also Mari & Wilma and Virve & Romppu was in my company. Thanks for them for everything!!

Moving back to Iisalmi. First load and mal's fences moved today.

Updated In Memories-page.

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