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October 2016

Nirna's and Indy's puppies born 8th of October. Very vital, big and strong puppies. There are eight puppies; three girls and five boys. Nirna is excellent mom and taking good care of puppies.

Off snow-season is going on and there have been some of my breeded mals taking part of races. I'm very happy to see them racing even racing is not so serious allways.

September 2016

Nirna is pregnant, we expect puppies week 41. If you want more information about this litter, please take contact to me.

As life is not only sun shine, also we have some sad news. Our dearest Anna passed away, she was close 10-years old. Another sad news are that Nuuk is not running anymore in our race-team. She has C-hip and there are now osteoarthritis. She can make some exercises but not heavy work.

August 2016

Nirna traveled to Norway and met handsome Indy (PahaSapa-m's IndianaJones). They fall in love so we are waiting puppies in October if everything is going as planned.

Nirna's sons Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak) and Dille (Neatut R-Tic Yukon) has been at shows. Urho at SawoShow Int at Friday BOB/CACIB and at Sunday BM2/RES-CACIB. Dille at Kiiminki groupshow BM2 and RES-CAC..

June 2016

We lost our first planned litter. Luckily mom Hilma is alive and doing fine. Thank you Reetta and Juha for all with Hilma!

Nirna got her last CAC and now she is FI CH. Also her son Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak) became Champion just after he turn 2-years old.

April 2016

Our Specialty show was at Kajaani and judge was breeder Judith Gogibus from France. My breeder-group won BIS-breeder ! At the show was Nirna, Paddy, Urho (Neatut R-tic Togiak), Nerka (Neatut R-Tic Nerka) and Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat).

At same time there was race Gold Rush Run in north of Finland. There ran Nirna's son Dille (Neatut R-Tic Yukon)in Anne Arvola's team. This race was very hard but Dille did it just fine, and he is not even 2-years old yet.

March 2016

Our third and last race in this season was Ruunaa Race 3x 35km and Finnish Championchips. My team in this race was Nirna, Paddy, Plop and Nirna's son Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak). This was Urho's first race ever and he did very nice job two days, but start limbing a bit so I had to leave him out in last day. We had some bad luck as I dropped down in stairs and spent first night at hospital, but I was able to continue still. Finally we went second in race, my team won silver Medal at Finnish Championchip-race and got REK1-result too.

Bronze Medal won Reetta with her team and there was running Aatu (Neatut Nani Natibvik) and Hilma (Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani) at her team. In this race started also Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) almost 10-years, Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) almost 9-years and Dille (Neatut R-Tic Yukon).


Our first race for this season was Ukkohalla-Paljakka ajo at January. The team was Talut, Nirna, Plop and Nuuk. They went first 35km very well, they enjoy it. Unfourtunatly my own flu get worst during the 5 hours break, I felt like fever and there was no point to continue because it was very cold weather.

Our second race was Ruuhirod and my team was Talut, Nirna, Plop and Paddy. Because of snow conditions race was this year 3x25km within 20 hours. Paddy made 50km very nice, but during the break he start limb a bit so he didn't start to last leg. Talut ran first leg in lead but then I change Plop leading with Nirna, just to let him learn it in race. He made nice job. I was fastest 4-malamute team in last leg so I'm satisfied to my team.

At those two MD-races there have been some of other Neatuts running too.. Anne Arvola took part in both races and in her team there have been "Dille" (Neatut R-Tic Yukon). At Ruuhirod there ran in Anne's team also "Elli" (Neatut R-Tic Eek) the first leg, but she is not ready for more at this time of year. Juha Majalainen took part both of those races too, and in his team ran "Aatu" (Neatut Nani Natibvik) as a leader and "Hilma" (Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani) in wheel. Hilma didn't ran all Ruuhirod as she start limbing.

Talut and Plop took part to weight pulling competition at Lieksa. Talut pulled 450kg and Plop 220kg. Our next start will be at Ruunaa Race. Now our females are in heat and Talut is going to visit a female, so let's see how we can made our last trainings for a race..

December 2015

At Vinner show Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) BOS-veteran and got tittle VV-15. Big congrats !

Hilma healthy checked A-hips and 0-elbows, so we are planning litter for her in spring.


Nirna and three of her offspings; Paddy, Urho and Nerka eye-checked and all of them have totally clear eyes.

Training season have been start few months ago and there are some races in calendar in next winter.. I'm also planning maybe two litters in next year, but more information is coming little bit later, first we had to have Hilma's x-ray results !

August 2015

Some showresults:
Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak) 1.8. Iisalmi Int, judge Harri Lehkonen: BM2 and CAC. He was also RoyalCanin BOB-junior and in big ring he finished 2nd place !

Hilma (Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani) 1.8. Iisalmi Int, judge Harri Lehkonen: BB2, CAC ja Res-CACIB.

Nerka (Neatut R-Tic Nerka) 1.8. Iisalmi Int, judge Harri Lehkonen: BB3, Res-CAC.

July 2015

Some results from shows in July:
Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) 11.7 at Laukaa, judge Jussi Liimatainen: BOS and BOB-veteran. 12.7. at Hyvinkää SSKY special show, judge Hanne Laine Jensen: BOB and BOB-veteran. 18.7. at Hyvinkää, tuomari Anna Albrigo: BOB and BOB-veteran.

Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) 18.7. at Kemi Int, judge Perttu Ståhlberg: BOB-veteran.

Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak) 25.7. at Mikkeli Int, judge Hannu Talvi: BM2 and CAC.


Talut (Cahppes Knight Of Naxxar) eyechecked again and he's eyes are still totally clear and healthy.

Talut at Piteå Int show 4.7, judge Anita Whitmarsh: EXC/1, CQ, BM1, CACIB, BOB.


Some shows in June:
Lapinlahti group-show 13.6, judge Salijevic Zorica: Urho (Neatut R-Tic Togiak) JUN EXC/1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB. Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) VET EXC/1, CQ, BB1, BOS, BOB-VET. Pyry (Neatut Nippikmik Arluk) Open EXC/1 ja Willa (Neatut Atatau'Kattau Auma) Int VG/1. Urho also shortlisted in best 5 in big ring but not placement this time.
Breeder group with those four dogs all from different litters BOB-breeder with HP and finally BIS-4 breeder !

Tuuri national show 14.6, judge Mari Pajaskoski: Nirna (Neatut Nirknark I'Maitsiak) Work EXC/1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOS. Pyry (Neatut Nippikmik Arluk) Open VG/1. Winner of the day was Talut's son Asko.

Pieksämäki national show 27.6, judge Perttu Ståhlberg: Yepa (Neatut Ongomiark) VET EXC/1, CQ, BB1, BOB, BOB-VET.


There have been few shows during spring. Paddy took part three shows and got two of them result EXC. Talut get result BM2 and Res-CACIB at Varkaus Int show.

Girls from A-litter got also good results. Hilma got Res-CAC and Willa got CAC. Also some pups out of R-litter had their very first shows.


Spring is here and it's time to relax.

Our third race was Ruunaa Race at Lieksa March 6th.-8th. This race was 45km per day, totally 135km. It was too warm weather during whole weekend and it makes it quite hard. Trail was soft and in lake there was lot of water on road. High uphills and downhills. Our total time was 15:31:33.

At Mikkeli weight pulling test took part Talut and Plop. Talut was third best of day and Plop got his first KVK1-result.

I'm very satisfied to this season. Our dogs did great job, they eated and drunk very well during races. They didn't have any feet problems or stomach problems. In lead ran all winter Talut and Nirna, in wheel ran Plop and Nuuk. All of them worked better than ever.


There have been good winter so far and we have done lot of work with dogs.

Our first race was Jongunverran Ajo 2015 at Lieksa January 24th.-25th. Race was total 2 x 30km. First day was nice cold weather and dogs was very happy and ran happy. Second day was quite warm and at start dogs was little tired, but they get over it and ran very happy to finishline. My total time after two days was 6:05:35.

Our second race was Ruuhirod 2015 at Seljes January 31th.-February 1st. This race is different. It is total 80km within 20 hours. It means 4 x 20km ring. First and second ring was easy as trail was in very good condition, but during night it start snowing and third and fourth ring was hard in soft snow. Our total time was 8:02:36 and my team get result REK1.


During autumn I started twice at off-snow races. At Ylikiiminki with couple Talut&Nirna and Camo alone. At Lappeenranta with couple Nirna&Plop. Also few of my breeded mals have been started during autumn.

Hilma eye-checked and healty.

We got kennel coach from races so we have been rest last few weeks. Hope dogs get healthy soon and we can start normal training for coming winter races.


After long and hot summer autumn is here and we started trainging with dogs. Hope this winter will be good for sledding.

At home stay boy Paddy. He reminds many way his mother so it's nice to see how he grown up..


Puppies 11-weeks old and they are very lively..

Available one puppy, boy or girl. Both are very promising, energy and atheltic. Prize 1200,-


Puppies are 7-weeks old and ready for own homes.

Available few very promising puppy. Social, extra lively, happy and cheerful puppies. Prize 1200,-.


Puppies are 4-weeks old now. They are very promising, strong and active. This litter is R-Tic-litter and get their names from Alaska - places, lakes and rivers .

Few pups are still looking own active home.


Neatut kennel's 8th litter born June 12th. Strong litter 6 boys and 3 girls. Nirna is wonderful mom.

There are few pups still looking for a active home.


In May went Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) at Kittilä show and got excellent results. She got CAC, BOB and BIG-3 placement ! Congrats Ville and Ulla-Maija !

Boy Pyry from N-litter have hips B/C, bad luck..


Nirna at Polvijärvi show with great results; CAC and BOB. That was quite suprise as she dropped her coat totally when started heat. Nirna and Timi have fall in love so now we are waiting if there will be puppies in June.

Naga (Neatut Naga Angatuyok) hips A/A, elbows OK and eyes OK.


Anna made her new weight pulling record, result 14,48 x own weight. And we didn't try her all power yet!

At same weekend also Timi (Quinault's Quiet Riot) made great results 15 x and 19,41 x own weight. Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) made 10,42 x own weight and Anna's daughter Runa (Utamuutin Rodos) at her first test result 6,43 x own weight. I'm very happy for our A-litter's father Cody's results too, he made 7 x and 12,83 x own weight.

At malamute club's wintermeeting some boy's from our N-litter took part races. Pyry (Neatut Nippikmik Arluk) was second in skijoring. Aatu (Neatut Nani Natibvik) ran in Juha's team and they was 4th at sledding-race. Naga's (Neatut Naga Angatuyok) first weight pulling result is 9,85 x own weight.

Aatu (Neatut Nani Natibvik) healthy results are hips A/A and elbows 0/0. After long thinking and planning we decided breed Nirna to her next season with wonderful Timi.


At Jyväskylä show Anna got EXC/1, CQ, BB1 and BOS. Last time she has been at show is five years ago. She was so happy and enjoy all show :) !


This winter is not winter. There is snow only little and lot of ice. This winter was supposed to be active with some MD-races but no...

N-litter had 2 years birthday so I took Nirna to x-ray. Results came today; hips B/B and elbows 0/0. I'm so happy ! She will be mother of my next litter. More info later when plannings are ready.


Few weeks ago we took part off-snow race at Lappeenranta. Organizer was Arktiset Vetokoirat aka AVEK and we had wonderful day. I took part class DS2 with youngsters Nirna and Plop. They made very nice job and we placed 5th of totally nine malamute teams. Day's totally fastest malamute team was Naga (Neatut Naga Angatuyok) and Ville in class DS1. In class DS2 placed 2nd Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) and Tika with Timo who raced first time with two dogs. Class DS2-hobby started Harri with Raid (Neatut Kakrayok) and Voitto.

Our puppies are now 6-weeks old. Soon they are moving own homes. I will keep one with breeding contract, she is dark seal girl "Hilma" aka Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani.


At Jämi off-snow races started Pyry (Neatut Nippikmik Arluk) and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk). Class DS1 Pyry and Janne was best malamute-team and second was Jyry with Timo. Congrats both owners and mushers !


Yesterday born 7th litter in kennel Neatut. This will be A-litter and there are two girls and two boys.

Talut and Timi is part of litter born about week ago in kennel Utamuutin. That was double-breeding so we don't know yet is there puppies for both of them, need to do DNA-test for that.


Kiibu is pregnant, so we are waiting for new neatut-pups in begining of October!

Jyry aka Neatut Kadluk visited in Sweden at överkalix show. His result was EXC/1, CQ, CAC, BM1, BOB, BOG-4 and also SE UCH-title. Thank you Jokke for all you have made with Jyry ! I'm so happy and just wonder there is not many breeder in Finland who have bred Swedish Champion, but kennel Neatut has two of them !

After warm summer weather is getting cooler and we can start training with dogs, and also planning what we are doing during winter.. But all in time..


Timi went at few shows and got last CACIBs for a C.I.B-title. Thanks for all his results belongs to Anne and Marko !

During a summer I've got some wonderful news from agility-trails.. Heini and Raid (Neatut Kakrayok) are racing active and now they are in highest level, level 3. Congrats and hope your good work still continue!

A week ago we bring Cody from Sweden to Finland and to Kiibu. He is lovely male. And timing was perfect, today there was first breeding. Now we are just waiting and see if we get new Neatut-pups in autumn!


Aatu (Neatut Nani Natibvik) eyes OK.

At Tromsö Int show Nuuk BOS -> N CH. At same show Timi BOB, BOG-3 and also N CH !! Thanks for those great result Anne and Sari !!!


Good healthy results; Kiibu's eyes are still OK (and we will have new litter with her) and also Talut, Nirna and Plop is having eyes OK. And also Timi is still totally clear.


Anna's breeding didn't happen.. So sad for that, but I decided take her out of my breeding program.. My next planning is with Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) and litter will be in autumn if everything is going well.

We have been is few shows during spring. 27.4. Mari took Nirna at Kiuruvesi show getting result VG/1 and brother Pyry (Neatut Nippikmik Arluk) got EXC/1 from junior class. 5.5. we went two shows; Mari took Nuuk at Kajaani and "clean the table" with result EXC/1, CQ, BB1, BOB, CAC => FI CH from working class ! I took Talut at Tohmajärvi and he also "clean the table" with result EXC/1, CQ, BM1, BOB. What a wonderful day !

9.-12.5 we had wonderful weekend at Hilikkula with friends training dogs and making world better. Thanks all friends, you're best !


Anna started her season.

At weight pulling test in Ylikiiminki was Mari with her adults. Mitak made great job and pull result 430kg = 13,03 x own weight. This was first test for Nuuk and she made nice work with result 206kg = 7,10 x own weight.

Our O-litter had birthday in 13th day, congrats !


At ALMA Wintermeeting I couldn't take part myself as I was sick, but many of my "kids" and co-owned dogs took part. I'm maybe most proud as Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) won class 1SP 9km - he is 11-years old veteran, made very good time and his musher was Timo making his very first sledding ever !

I took part weight pulling with Talut and Anna. Talut pull only few time as he had little wound in his mouth, but was 3rd best male. With Anna I try more, but for my mistake her result was "only" 300kg and 9,5 x own weight. Well, next time we try harder..

In this month we had birthdays with K-litter 16th day and P-litter 20th day. Congrats all my kids and thanks for owners. Now, it's time for waiting for spring and also Anna's heat.. And hopeful we get nice little sleddogs..


3.3. At Kouvola weightpull test were Talut and Anna. Best result of day made Talut. He pulled 387kg = 11.72 x own weight. Anna was third with result 321kg = 10.7 x own weight. Both get result KVK1. Also Anna's fiancee Urho get result KVK1.

8.-10.3. we were at Rautavaara Scandinavian Ope Championschip race. In my team ran Talut, Nirna and Anna. This time Plop was in Jokke's team. There was also Naga (Neatut Naga Angatuyok) in Ville's team and Aatu (Neatut Nani Natibvik) in Juha's team.

Next there is annual Wintermeeting. After that this winter is quite end, and had to say I'm very satisfied. We had some races, very nice experiences for pups and all dogs made good job. It nice continue here to next winter.


Balanced with working and dogs training, but we have been trained all my and Mari's dogs during winter.

At Malamute Special Nuuk was BB2 and got CAC. That was brilliant result as there was over 40 females ! I haven't any own dog at show, but there was my breeded Savu, Yepa and Aatu showed.

At Ruuhisprint we started with 4-dogs and that was first sledding-race to Nuuk, Nirna and Plop. Team made it very well and we were best malamute team ! Time was 1:01:16 in 2 x 8km trail. It's good to continue here.


Today W-litter is 8 years.. During autumn we have run with dogs, and both pups Nirna and Plop is doing nice work in team. Hope I can take part in some races in spring..


So sadness.. Wido (Neatut Wawartok) sleep away early in morning.. My warmest hugs to owners, he had a loving home..


At Ylikiiminki ALMA Off Snow race. I had Talut & Nuuk in my team and we got 3rd place and same time Malamute Champion 3rd place ! I'm more than satisfied for result !


Alaskan Malamute Specialshow. Talut got EXC in Champion class and Mari's Nuuk got EXC/2, CQ in open class. There was also some my breeded dogs, best results got veterans as Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) was BOS-veteran.


Anna is not pregnant.. I'm planning breed her in spring..


Anna is mated with Roni. Roni was here two weeks and I falled in love even more, if that is possible. He represent that old breed type we don't see often today. His character is charming and you can't see his age in movement and essence.


Third day at Kuopio Int show and I can only say OH BOYS !! Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) BM1, CACIB and BOB. Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) BM2 and BOB-veteran. Both of them got special thanks for movement. Congrats Jokke, amazing weekend !


Second day at Kuopio Int shows and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) blow up the pot. His result PM1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and with cac he finnished FI CH title. Big congrats Jokke, nice job :)


Co-Owned Timi (Quinault's Quiet Riot) today with me at Kuopio Int show. His result PM1, CACIB and BOB. He is in wonderful condition, thanks for that Anne and Marko. We also get his PN-result and it's normal.


I have new breeding planning for this autumn. Thank you Tero and Virpi for this opportunity use your wonderful male !

More information and photos coming soon.


I got polyneuropathy test results from Denmark; Talut, Anna and Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) all clear, result normal.

Talut's first litter born at kennel Utamuutin, a boy and a girl. Our Camo at Kemi show result EXC/4.


Co-owned dog Timi got wonderful result at Oulu Int-show, he was BOB and BOG-3. Timi and Anne A have made totally nice job at shows this year, not only in Finland but also in other countries. Timi is having CACIB from Estonia and Sweden..


This year is both joy and sorrow. We lost our oldies, in spring left Wilma and couple weeks ago left Pati. When young puppy pass away it's even more sorrow. We got results of Sitka's research. She died for acute trauma in her head, she hit her head badly and died for that reason. It's so sadly for me as a breeder but ofcourse also for her owners, but we can't help accidents.

I have new planning for breeding so if everything match we perhaps have puppies in autumn. Mother will be Anna. More info later..


Summer has come and I haven't done updates.. Nirna is growing up and she is full member in team. Talut will be father, there is coming litter in mid of June at kennel Utamuutin.

We lost suddenly puppy Sitka from N-litter. We are still waiting for research result what happend.


All N-puppies are having own home. My K-litter came 5-years and P-litter came full 10-years so Congrats all of them. I'm very happy for my kids nice weightpulling results at ALMA's winter meeting. Specially I'm very broud and happy for Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) as he won ALMA's "Best Sleddog" and "Best Activity dog" thanks to his result year 2011. Congrats Jokke and Jyry !

Talut visited two weeks in Jokke's team. He ran over 150km at Winter meeting and Ruunaa-race with unfamiliar team and doing very nice work.


Puppies are playing and eating meat already. They got first worming and we took DNA-tests for long coat gene.


Puppies have eyes open and they are walking. New photos in their page.

Our brittany Camo is 1 year today :)


We lost one of girl, it was so sad. Other puppies are doing fine, first photos of them in their own page.


At Kajaani Int show today Talut got EXC/2, CK and our brittany Camo (Riekkoalbuksen Carlo) VG/2 at junior class.

Today's BOS was father of our coming litter Utamuutin Kaertok with CAC and CACIB. After a week we hopefull already have puppies here :)


Kiibu's baby-belly is growning and she is coming this week here at Iisalmi getting ready for puppies.

Updated Nuuk's page.


Kiibu is ultrasounded and she is pregnant, we expect puppies end of January. More info in puppies page.


Kiibu have been bred with Karo ! More information in puppies-page.


Timi's (Quinault Quiet Riot) first litter born yesterday at kennel Tsaani (Finland). His second litter is coming at O'Kinastar-kennel (England) soon. It will be so nice follow those litters and their growing up.


At weekend some Neatut-dogs took part races in sports fields and trails. Raid (Neatut Kakrayok) made very good results in agility with owner Heini. Thanks to good results they are qualified for 2-class now, congrats !

At ALMA's off-snow race in DS2-class took part Jokke with Jyry (Neatut Kadluk)& Tika and Ville with Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat)& Paku. In DCM-class took part Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Timo.


Pati had her 13th Birthday at 24.10 ! Neatut Q-litter had 5-years birthday in October and W-litter will have 7-years birthday after few days. Where time is going !

Autumn brings me a new job, we have been hunting and I have been carting with dogs. Talut and Anna is doing nice job together.


After all happend.. I decided breed Kiibu. We are waiting her season in any minute. Sire will be young, very promising "Karo" Utamuutin Kaertok. More information coming soon !


At Rovaniemi show in Saturday Talut got EXC/1, CK but didn't placed this time. Mari's Nuuk got result EXC/1 in juniorclass. Our brittany Camo (Riekkoalbuksen Carlo) got result BOS-puppy at his very first show.

It's autumn and I started working out with dogs. I needed company to Talut so Anna (Snoopy Face Annapolis) is now here and if everything is going fine she will stay here. Thank's Hanna for this :)


Last saturday we were at Joensuu INT-show. Talut made it very nice and got result EXC/1, BM1, CACIB and BOS :)


We are not having planned litter because male's owner stood me up in last minute. I'm sorry for those who wait puppy from me. Please take contact kennel Tsaani, there is coming wonderful litter.


I had change my preeding plans because of healthy-risks. Luckily I found new awesome male soon, thank you Soile giving Yukon for Kiibu ! :)


Talut yesterday 3-years old.

Timi aka Quinault's Quiet Riot have been checked and he is totally healthy boy. Timi is available at stud high quality females.


Great day at Pieksämäki show ! Talut BOB and Runa got her first CAC and also BOS.


Talut and Runa eye-checked today and both of them are totally clear ! Also Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) checked and he was free too. Both Talut and Jyry are free at stud for quality females.


Kiibu was at Sweden today and got at show EXC, BB1 and BOS !

Thanks Ulla-Maija and Ville for wonderful job with her. Waiting for her season !


At Tohmajärvi show Talut got EXC/1, CK, BM1, BOS and CAC = FI CH !

Mari's Nuuk had her first official show and she got VG/1 with very good critique.


Yepa hed her birthday yesterday. Congrats my O-litter :)

Kiibu's eyes checked again and she is still clear. We also took thyroid-tests and result is that she is totally healthy girl also that way. I'm planning breed Kiibu in summer, more information in Puppies-page when father of litter is sure.


Yesterday we were at Vaasa Int Show. Talut showed in working class and got result Exc/1, CQ, BM2, CAC and res-CACIB. I'm so happy !

At Malamute Specialty at Mikkeli Runa had her very first show. She did fine and got Exc/2 in junior class. Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) was BOS-veteran. Congrats Jokke for this nice results !

Mari's Nuuk was BIS-puppy at Specialty show. What a wonderful start to her show career !

Timi was at Youth class and got result EXC/1, CQ. Well done !


We have new little one in our back. Camo is French Brittany and we hope he will be good hunting dog in future.

Talut have been running with Jokke's team couple times. So nice there is still possible go sledding.


P-litter is 9 years old today. Congrats and hugs to all of them !

I took part in sleeding race today at Kiiminki after two seasons. Thanks Jokke borrowing your team !

Kiibu (Neatut Kiibuyat) got REK2-result in Ville's team. In my team Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) and Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) got also REK2-results.


Talut got his first weight pulling result KVK1 at Utajärvi. Very happy for that !


K-litter 4 years old today ! Congrats and hugs to everyone !


Talut came home !!! He worked all winter in Pekka's team. Unfourtunatly there was bad luck in races as females was in full heat during two of most important race. Still, Talut showed he is really working dog and focused only working even female jumped on his pack trying made puppies that way. Talut needs only a word and he continue working. I'm very satisfied his behaviour in team ! Thanks to Pekka and Marja-Liisa for everything you have done with him!!


At Rautavaara FinnishChampion-sprint race Jokke and his team got REK2-result. In team running Jyry (Neatut Kadluk), Pituk (Neatut Pitukotit) and Sikku (Trap Line Falcon Spirit)


Last weekend at Ylämaa weight pulling test Jyry (Neatut Kadluk) made best result for a day, that was 240kg and 6.58 x ow. Road conditions have been very difficult. Congrats Jyry and Jokke for KVK1-result !


Updates are far behind the real time..

Talut is spending winter in Ylämaa, training and racing part of Pekka's team.

Hino is here company for Pati and us.

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